5 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

  1. Play a Musical Instrument:IMG_7856.JPGMusic stimulates your brain. It not only helps with creativity and analytical skills, but it has been proven to help with math, language, and fine motor skills. Learning to play a musical instrument teaches patience and helps you relieve stress in a healthy way.

2. Reading: Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.26.13 PM.pngReading helps reduce stress and helps contain many different emotions. When you are reading you get to leave reality and venture into your own imagination. Indulging into ANY book helps you  to feel better about yourself.

3. Exercise Regularly:20151016_081307 Its not enough to go for a run once a month. A healthy body helps maintain a Healthy mind. No matter what type of physical activity you like, do it MORE!! Find at least 20-30 minutes every single day to put down all of the stress and the busy life you live, and do something to get active. There are so many benefits that come from it.

4. Learn a New Language: shutterstock_67343773.jpgLearning a new language isn’t easy, but has many advantages that can help make you smarter. The process of learning a new language involves tasks such as analyzing grammatical structures and learning new words, which enhances your intelligence and brain health.

5. Travel to New Places:IMG_2743Traveling can be a really good way to boost your intelligence. Every new place to travel to offers many new things to learn. You come accorded so many new cultures, people, food, lifestyles, and societies. Its a great way to learn hands on and get creative boosts of things you hadn’t thought of before.


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