10 Things you should do before you die

1.Go on a Road Trip:  Image-1.jpgRoad Trips provide good bonding time whether with your family or your friends. You truly get to know somebody inside and out when you spend hours in a car with them! Last summer My family and I took a road trip to the Northern California Coast. If your a college or high school student, no need to get a hotel. Sleep in your car!

2. Disconnect Yourself For a Week: IMG_6146.JPGIn our world today, our lives are being run by Social Media. We can’t ever seem to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. But getting to experience life the right way is a MUST! Take at least one week and a close friend, leave your technology at home, and enjoy life the way it was meant to be.

3. Go Bungee Jumping:IMG_7524.JPGAre you truly living if you don’t get your heart rate going a little. I had the chance to bungee jump off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas and it was amazing. I also want to Bungee jump the Bridge to Nowhere in California. Take your chances and live on the edge.

4. Climb a Mountain:20150913_125134.jpgClimbing a literal mountain is a good goal, and can be an exciting addition to your life bucket list. Hikes like Angels Landing, Grand Canyon, and much more can be the most amazing experiences. But I am referring to a life mountain. Sometime in your life, set a goal and climb every mountain until you accomplish that goal.

5. See the Ocean:1623602_344064162414948_7498483257226690947_n.jpg

The ocean is so big and amazing. There is no feeling quite like the sand in your toes with the water splashing up onto your legs. Find a chance to swim in the ocean. There is nothing in the world like the feeling of floating in unknown waters.

6. Learn a new skill you’ve never tried before:IMG_0065.JPGThere are so many different hobbies that are out in the world that people never try. Take a chance and find time to try something new. I had always wanted to go rock climbing so, WHY NOT? Find something that you have seen people do that looks fun, and try it. Who knows.. you might find a new hobby, but you’ll never know until you try.

7. Get in a Mud Fight: IMG_6661.JPG

Let out your inner child and have some fun. Its fun, messy, and good for your skin!! Find some dirt, find some water, and have some fun!

8. Visit Another Country:IMG_2743.JPGEvery country has their own amazingly amazing unique culture and they are so fun to learn about. Save up all your pennies and plan a trip to visit a different country so you can learn all about your neighbors and their cultures.

9. Go to a Concert:IMG_4940There is nothing in the world that can give you the adrenaline and good time that a concert can. Search for your favorite band and see when they are going to be in your town next. You will probably leave with your ears ringing and no voice, but its 100% worth it.

10. Find a group of Friends that become your FAMILY:IMG_4319.JPGHaving friends is so important in life, maybe one of the most important things in life actually. Take the time to build relationships with your friends that will last forever. When you find people that become your family, you know. Your goodbyes break your heart, and when you see them again, there is nothing sweeter! I found my second family and I wouldn’t trade them or the memories we made for anything or anyone. They become your life and they become your everything. To see my Friends who became my family follow the link below.


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