10 Ways to Change your Attitude

Let things go! Spend time with positive people Forgive others easily Say please and Thank You Dont compare yourself to others Always expect the best Be grateful Live the the moment Believe in yourself Be willing to CHANGE! Advertisements

25 Ways to Make Yourself Happier

1. Compliment a Stranger 2. Be Thankful 3. Tell your family you love them 4. Forgive Everyone 5. Be Non- Judgmental 6. Don’t let money drive your life 7. Find a Positive in Every Negative 8. Take Risks 9. Love Everyone 10. Get Enough Sleep 11. Be a Friend 12. Learn to Let Go 13….

Get up and Never Give Up

There is no way for us to become more, if we don’t get knocked down. We have to experience disappointment before we can experience greatness. But in the famous words of Rocky Balboa “The world is a mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are its will beat you to your…

Hope is Greater than Fear

Fear kills dreams, Fear is demeaning.. Fear limits you! Fear makes you feel inadequate! Fear is why you Fail! Fear is a choice! Fear could be the only thing standing in your way of achieving greatness and can hold you back from doing what you are completely capable of doing. Fear will completely control your…